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At the Time We are Very Well Know That cricket betting is illigal in india . But As we heard from our sources that first step is taken to change the betting world is that Cricket and all other sports betting may be legal in india 


Sports betting, which includes online sports betting, is currently illegal in India. only exception is horse racing, which is taxed at a rate of 28%. accourding to this it  doesn’t mean that nobody is playing betting . Some of the Peoples are playing bets illigaly and maily all bets are playes in ipl with ipl betting tips

As calculation regulated sports betting market could generate $50 billion ( 3205875000000 INR )  in revenue with $1.9 billion (121828950000 INR )  going into tax Offices . Wihich is very beneficial for the Indian Economy


As we heard many times that some of peoples of Arrested in sports betting mainly in cricket . And after ipl this betting fixing is 200 % increase in INDIA . If Sports Betting is Legal to INDIA It is very benifical or all goverment get the tax and by this goverment can full all needs of peples which are not completed due to the lake of revenue and By this INDIA Will Be the most Developed Country

However, this will not be an easy to get legal betting in India By goverment But Goverment is trying to Do it.

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Welcome to free cricket betting tips

If you want to know that how to play cricket and how to do betting in best way then you are at right place. We are group of expert in order to play and do betting in all best way. Our aim is to providebest and accurate information about cricket betting or cricket betting tips. We make your betting strategy as easy as possible.

Many bookmakers you can find online

Hi all you can find many bookmakers around the world that give you cricket betting punters good value for money. All of the bookmakers listed below have been used by us here, and all have a good track record of offering plenty for both new and existing customers.

Leading bookmakers are mainly bet fair and bet 365. On these websites you can play betting online and in right way. Not everybody’s needs are suited by one bookmaker, which is why we have a variation of the best cricket betting sites to choose from. Once you have selected your bookmaker to bet on cricket, you are ready to go.

Main thing to remember before online betting

You should know all things like that deposit amount and getting winning amount in which way and which the best like is if we talk about Indian market then in India all betting activities are completely illegal. So without planning or without knowing it may be bad experience for us.

Today cricket betting market growing day by day. There are so many league are running currently and some big countries are planning to launch country league. In this league you can get or earn good profit without any issue but the main thing is that to make a proper plan or make is must for profit in betting.

In terms of cricket betting you can find cricket betting tips here on our website You can make a call or WhatsApp also on registered mobile number.

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